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 Jane's application

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PostSubject: Jane's application   Tue Jul 31, 2012 7:36 pm

OOC info:
OOC character name: Jane
IC character name: Jane
Class: Warlock
Level: 81 (shall be leveled! Mwahahha!)

Why I want to join the cult:
I'm a fairly active RPer on Defias, and only one of my characters are in an actual RP guild - Sixty thieves. Thus, I thought it would be nice to join another guild and actually squeeze some fun RP from this character. I don't do anything with her anyway, so it'd be a nice way to motivate myself to play her, too
Also, I'm always seeing the Cult in arpee, and it looks so fun D: I wanna join the fun ;D

How did I come to learn about the Cult?
I came to learn about the cult through RP, mostly through Sixty RP though. Obviously it's one of the main Role Playing guilds too, therefore it is quite popular!

Well, ehm, my main is a rogue in Sixty as said above. I'm rather active, and am hopefully considered at least "average" at RP :O Though I'm new to this forsaken business.

IC application:
A bright light - that's the first thing she saw. Jane kept completely still, laying on the ground as other corpses around her begin to come back to life like herself. The Valkyr hover above the rotting bodies, sending large bolts of light from corpse to corpse in an orderly fashion.
Jane twitches a little as she goes to lift her stiff arms, confusion glued to her face. After each movement she makes, a click can be heard where her bones re-position themselves into the correct places - or, near enough at least. By now, other bodies around her are in the realisation of what's happening, too. This brings gasps, cackles, and cries from the crowd, as they all seem to be unsure just how to react.
After sitting up completely, her boney hands lead over to her seemingly-well preserved face. A small smile forms on her face, up until she realises. "Where are my eyes?" Jane screeches, clawing at her face with her sharp hands, almost as if she was expecting her eyes to be somewhere else on her body.
The Valkyr, careless to the reactions of the new forsaken, move onto the next bundle of bodies. Jane, however, screams. She gets onto her wobbely feet and stumbles forwards. The stumble transforms into a walk, the walk transforms into a jog, and soon enough, she's running in circles as she continues to search for her eyes. "MY EYES?!"
Then, the second issue is identified. After moaning about her eyes for long enough, she notices an odd squeek coming from each of the words she tries to say. Her shaking hands lead down to her jaw to find it isn't her jaw at all. Infact, there is no jaw there. She falls to the floor and pats around before finding what must of been the poorly sewn-on jaw she had moments ago. Jane screeches. Her weak and shakey knees soon give in, leaving her back on the floor again. Her moist arms wrap themselves around her legs, and she rocks back and forth on the ground... whilst holding the mouldy jaw.
"The alliance.." she thinks. "They did this. They didn't save me. They let me die. They did is.. THEY DID THIS..." Of course, she tries saying this, but instead all she manages is "MARALXAKSALEARAKARA..RAAOARAL".
After a while, Jan manages to drag herself to her feet and go for help. She comes across a forsaken sewing his arm back together, and points from the jaw in her hand to where her jaw should be. Tick tock, her jaw is sewn back on. She would ask questions which would be helpful to know, but she ends up busy switching moods from being angry, to excited.
However, once Jane ended up on the floor hugging her knees again, she overheard something that intruiged her.. something about the "Cult of Shadow".
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Dunderholm of Ambermill
Dunderholm of Ambermill

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PostSubject: Re: Jane's application   Wed Aug 01, 2012 12:20 pm

-Stamp of Approval-

After this application is seconded contact one of our officers for an IC interview.
- Daeyna
- Drazhk
- Malidus
- Ravenie
- Dunderholm

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PostSubject: Re: Jane's application   Thu Aug 02, 2012 2:25 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Jane's application   

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Jane's application
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