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 Connie Alden's application of sorts

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Connie A

PostSubject: Connie Alden's application of sorts   Wed Jul 18, 2012 12:41 am

Out of Character

Character name: Connie Alden
Class: Priest

Why do you want to join the Cult?:
I have always found the Forsaken RP the most interesting and captivating. I am fascinated by how dead folk respond to the world that has most likely treated them unfairly, and from the view of my character, how does a naturally timid forsaken make it in a demanding society.
I used to play in the biggest Forsaken RP guild of the Sha'tar, and so far I have enjoyed it the most.

How did you come to learn about the Cult:
Funny story, actually. I had stopped playing for about 7 months, I just hadn't had the mood or intrest to go through the same RP stories with the same people. I decided to download the trial, and find a new server, and the first thing I saw was your recruitment post in the general chat.
I bought game time that night and got invited to your weekly sermon, and... here I am.

Anything else you'd like us to know?
I am a very active roleplayer. That's pretty much the reason I play WoW.


"...but what makes the Shadow so different from the Light after all?"
Connie sat on one of the crates inside the secure walls of Brill's inn. She turned another page of one of the books she had borrowed from Malidus Graveborn, occasionally looking down to a tattered tome about the Holy Light. That very tome wasn't as well kept as the others of Shadow, that was the first thing Connie had noticed.

She was one of the new ones, resurrected less than a week ago. All the memories of her still living family and well protected home were all intact. Even the memory of her last delivery was still intact. The only thing that was not quite so intact was her death itself. It might have been just an accident. What could have possibly gone wrong during a delivery from her father's shop in Lakeshire to Arathi Highlands? Many things, apparently.

Connie shook her head after a while, leaving the books lay on her lap as she would dive both of her partially skeletal hands into her massive, curly hair. Once again she felt like crying. She could have cried her dead lungs out, but as usual, forced herself to remain silent, invisible.
"I am not even supposed to be one of them."
The occasional visitors, as well as the owner of the inn, had learned to know her as the stuttering book worm. Always sitting in the corner, trying to study her way out of it. There was nothing more they could see, or nothing more they needed to see. She was just a fresh forsaken among the others. Just as shocked, frightened, out of her mind...

The recent happenings had not helped her clear her poor head. Finding an amnesiac, blind man in the middle of a muddy road, hearing legends that would take a long time to absolve, facing masses of other Forsaken who would tempt her to step into the lake and most likely get stuck in the bottom of it forever... This was not her place, not the world she grew up to love. The crusty base of the cake was the forsaken woman she had met earlier that day.
"You just keep shivering, little sheep. Us wolves will eat you out of our way eventually," the woman had said. "Stay -safe-, for now."
It had upset her.

"I didn't ask for her pity or compassion, whatever that was. Compassion.."
Connie's dull eyes seemed to brighten, as she let out a pitiful squeak of victory.
"Respect, T-Tenacity, Compassion. T-they a-all apply o-on L-Light, a-also on the Forgotten S-...Shadow.." she began to list under her breath, closing the books, hastily packing them into her satchel and jumping up.

She had to discuss this, she had plenty of questions to be asked by those who knew better than her...

A tiny extra...

This is one of my many concept sketches, so far closest to what you'll get.
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PostSubject: Re: Connie Alden's application of sorts   Wed Jul 18, 2012 1:33 am

Ah yes my little bookworm *pats*

I have read your aplication and approved of it, I have been rping with you today and from there i must do this,

<Stamp of Approval>

Should another officer say yes aswel to your application you will be invited for an ic interview though i don't think that one will be needed much, seeing that you have been rping with us already. *shrug*

- Malidus

P.s. I love the drawing btw ^^
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Dunderholm of Ambermill
Dunderholm of Ambermill

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PostSubject: Re: Connie Alden's application of sorts   Wed Jul 18, 2012 11:05 am

This application has been seconded!

Contact a officer ingame for a IC interview so you may receive our blessing and be part of the cult of shadow.

Shadow's Guidance Sister...

Don't be strong, the fox outwits.
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PostSubject: Re: Connie Alden's application of sorts   Wed Jul 18, 2012 12:54 pm

Same here, shame on you Dunder for not naming who they have to contact! Razz
Officers are Drazhk, Ravenie, Dunderholm, Malidus and me, though I will only come IC out of my hiding spot if it's really needed. If you can't get an officer for a while, try to find me on Sykela or Mayabi. Or make another post here and we'll pick an evening and hour to do it Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Connie Alden's application of sorts   

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Connie Alden's application of sorts
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