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PostSubject: Application   Sun Sep 23, 2012 7:15 pm

OOC information
Character name: Renly Dawndeath
Class: Warlock
Level: 2

Why do you want to join the Cult?: I had done a bit of RP on other characters (blood elf) and, after a long break from the game, i was eager have a fresh start with a new story to tell!
How did you come to learn about the Cult: Good ol' google search =)
Anything else you'd like us to know? Im fairly new to RP. My main interests in the game other than RP is PvP.

IC application:
[I've included everything i wrote down about my char that i ll use to help me portray his personality. Hopefully it gives you a good idea of how i wish to play him]

Name: Renly Dawnbreach (now Dawndeath)
Race: Half-Elf (now undead)
Appearance: Before he was killed, Renly had straight golden hair that fell to his waist, piercing blue eyes, and was tall and muscular. Now undead, his hair is lank and a pale sickly yellow, he has lost his strong body, and his eyes have turned icy blue.
Occupation: Enchanter/Mage. He especially preferred conjuration and illusion spells.
Homeland: Tirisfal Glades (what is now the Western Plaguelands)

Family History:
His great grandfather was a high elf enchanter who mated with a human woman. His son, Renly's grandfather, was
scorned by other elves for being a half-blood, settled south in Lordaeron and raised the family there, becoming a
successful enchanting merchant.
Early Life:
Renly was brought up on a small estate in what is now known as the Western Plaguelands. He lived a busy young life in apprenticeship to his father, who was a minor merchantile lord, where most of his time was spent studying enchanting or accompanying his father on trading expeditions. At age 25 he met a human woman who he settled down with and married.
The Plague of Undeath:
Unfortunately, the Dawnbreach family succumbed to the plague. Renly's father, now an old man, and the rest of his family underwent the full transformation brought on by the plague, losing their minds. Renly turned undead, though he fought the mind control and eventually broke free of the scourge.
He travelled west, troubled by nightmares, self-loathing, and echoes of the Lich King's whispers. Though his sanity
was close to cracking, he made his way into the Tirisfal Glades.
Motivated by fear and the will to "survive", Renly found an abandoned tower as a base and hid there for a long while, reading old books in the tower's mini library and cursing fate for his situation. One day he stumbled upon a hidden book, detailing warlock magic. With it he summoned an imp minion and, using its help and his own experience of fighting the lich king's control, Renly recruited many lesser undead to defend his tower.
As his physical body deteriorated, Renly's mind power increased. However he became deluded and over zealous about his own mind's strength, and renamed himself Lord Renly 'Dawndeath', and saw himself as the brave opposition to the Lich King.
Joining the Forsaken:
One day, a small group of undead fought their way into Renly's tower. Their leader, who called himself a Deathstalker, said that there was word of a renegade scourge called Dawndeath and that he had been told to investigate. Once Renly learned that this Deathstalker and his followers were, like him, undead but not just mindless, he agreed to follow them back to the Undercity, making sure to take the book on warlock magic with him.
Forsaken for Life(..or Unlife):
Now as one of the Forsaken, Renly has adopted new beliefs (like the Cult of Shadow), and considers himself to be
loyal to the Dark Lady.

If life, Renly was a proud, good-natured half-elf who placed the greatest importance in life in family and the aquisition of knowledge. In death, he retains this belief, if in a twisted way - the Forsaken are his new family now. Where he studied arcane magic before, he now devotes his attention to studying fel magic and demonology.
Over the years he has learned to forget most of his previous life, dismissing it as his "weaker self". The presence of elves and especially humans sometimes triggers sad memories for him though, and he will become insular and sullen around them. As he learns more of the shadow these emotions are becoming more and more supressed/non-existant.
The plague had an odd effect on Renly's mind. Though he is cunning and intelligent, many consider him to be a little mad. He is oddly obsessional about little things, like keeping his hair in 'presentable condition', or making sure he always finishes an argument with his imp on the higher moral ground.

His favorite past times are studying magic (especially enchanting and demonology), exploration, trading, and engaging in heated arguments with his imp minion. He makes sure to always carry a comb, his book of warlock magic and an enchanting wand with him wherever he goes. He is almost always accompanied by his imp minion and, when she feels like it, his magical pet cat Gruntilda.

Political Views:
He views elves and humans with sympathy and, in his weaker moments, envy and longing. He views other Forsaken as brothers and sisters.
All other races he views with a little contempt. He sees their lives as rather backward in the grand scheme of things: now that he is undead, he is in pursuit of a greater destiny.
He is strongly against the use of the plague to empower the Forsaken.
He likes the idea of assimilating all kinds of races into the Forsaken, even former servants of the Lich King like
the Valkyr.

Renly's family have traditionally been enchanters, and he is a very skilled one.
Languages: Gutterspeak, Demonic, Thassalian, Common.

Quirky Traits:
1. In life, he was very fond of his hair, which was a very elven long, silky and golden. Even as the rest of his body decays, he considers his hair (lank and sickly as it is) his most appealing feature, and tries to keep it looking presentable by combing it, adding products (slime often works well) and even washing it!
2. He still proudly considers and calls himself 'Lord Dawndeath'. Many Forsaken he has met in his travels call him this name derisively (though he is unaware or ignores this), considering his 'Lordship' was over an old abandoned tower filled with undead too weak or stupid to put up a fight against only a handful of adventurers.
3. In his past life his father, in High Elven tradition, was fond of keeping cats. One day, a young and mischievous Renly decided to conduct an enchanting experiment on his father's favorite pure-white cat, Gruntilda. To his father's dismay, the experiment not only turned poor Gruntilda totally black, it gave her magical intelligence and a terrible temper to go with it. Since that woeful day, Gruntilda the cat has taken to chasing the other cats atop a levitating broom. After a long while this evil cat has returned to Renly's side to help further his evil plans.
4. Common sayings: "You/This is insufferable!!!", "Do I look...presentable?"

Reason for joining the Cult:
Although his mind is a bit addled, Renly's motives are clear: to attain greater and greater personal power. The
concept of ascension is very desirable for him, and the Cult of Shadow offers the best opportunity for him to
grow in power and, at the same time, benefit his brothers and sisters within the Forsaken.

Long Story Short:
An undead half-elf "mad-professor" warlock, dedicated to furthering his knowledge of magic and death and eager to serve the Forsaken race.
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PostSubject: Re: Application   Mon Sep 24, 2012 10:38 am

Quite interesting and it is clear that you put some effort into putting this together.

I'll give this one my stamp of approval for an IC interview.

If this post is seconded, please contact a officer ingame.

The officers being:

Don't be strong, the fox outwits.
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PostSubject: Re: Application   Thu Sep 27, 2012 2:42 pm

*Inquisitorial stamp of approval*
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PostSubject: Re: Application   

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