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 An Application for Kregar Hathgrave.

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Kregar Hathgrave

Kregar Hathgrave

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PostSubject: An Application for Kregar Hathgrave.   Sun May 06, 2012 8:40 pm

OC information
Character name: Kregar
Class: Hunter

Why do you want to join the Cult?: I played forsaken shadow priest for many years on the Steamwheedle realm and always like the idea of the cult of the forgotten shadow

How did you come to learn about the Cult: From the Gurubashes, Im Sulfon. *dorky wave*

Anything else you'd like us to know? An avid dnd player for many years, i do however have dsylexia, the written word is my enemy no matter how much i love writting, So please gentle if i have mispelled, forgotten to add grammar etc... i will probly have spent hours re-reading it but there is probly loads of mistakes :3

IC application:

Kregar lived a simple life with his wife and two sons and dog in a small village outside of Gilneas working at a Lumbermill.

A deeply religious man, he lived a pure existance living from the land, he was respected by the villagers as a man that could get things done he was always there to sharpen a axe or fix the odd gun here and there, always spending time to help his neighbours help build their homes and outbuildings even teaching the local children of the village how to make traps and snares or what local flora and fauna is ediable or poisionous. Life was good simple and quiet he cared litttle for the politics of the Greymanes or the war between the horde and the alliance, even the rumors of beastmen roaming the wilds and undead marching upon the gates didnt really warrant much of his attention and why would it.

When the rumors burst though his door and the Forsaken army had invadedthat all changed, Kregar's family managed to escape and fled deep into the woods, the first night while Kregar was setting traps he was startled by the screams of his family, It was the beastmen...the Worgen feral and wild and howling for blood.
Kregar and his two young sons managed to fend them off his dog however did not make it dying protecting its master from a worgen, These attacks continued constantly hour after hour day after day they were always encircling the camp, he had set traps about the perimiter and did his best to reassure his young family, but during that night the lack of sleep finally got the better of him exuasted, he fell into a deep sleep while on watch.

Troubled dreams haunted him until suddenly he was jolted back into the waking world. Grabbing his shotgun out of instinct he heard his wife cry out their sons names he ran to were the screams were comming from a Worgen that had slipped though it was was snarling and encircling his sons he was too late the beast was upon them he fired and killed the beast but it had done its worst. His sons were screaming bloodied and dying mortal wounds claimed them both.

His sons started to turn within two days of each other, the pain was more than Kregar and his young wife could bare he prayed constantly to the holy light for strength and for answers, to the point of madness. Both we put down when they did by Kregar.... madness started gnawling at his every waking moment.

It was the sixth night Kregar now in a maddened fever was methoidcally disasembling nd re-asembling his gun; when his wife and the sound of her rifle firing snapped him back, they were again set upon by the beastmen. Kregar loading his Shotgun ihe charged at the beasts taking them down in a blood crazed sleep deprived fury. The traps he had set and reset everyday, exploded around the camp the night sky set alight by the flames the sound of snares whooshing and worgen howling as they were launched up into the trees, Kregar barely alive and slumped to his knees, calling for his wife he found her gone, in the chaos she must have been taken... blood trails slithered off into the darkness.

Without ammo, a broken Kregar willed himself into action he tracked the trail of blood left by the beasts that had taken his beloved wife, hours later he found it devouring and snarling over her mangled corpse, Kregar set upon it without ammo he bludgeoned it to death shattering the gun to pieces then using the pieces of the gun as a weapon, when it was over and the beast and lay dead and twitching Kregar in his last moments of life cursed the light renouncing it, cradling his wifes body Kregar slipped into darkness...

It was then The Forsaken must had found him, seeing the fire from a distance they found the camp still smoldering the bodies of Worgen burnt and charred littered the camp, they followed the blood trail like Kregar had out of curiosity to see what had occured they found the corpses of young man craddling a womans body

He woke amongst many he was different changed...he was Forsaken he was undead at that moment with pure hatred flowing though him to the core; he pledged himself to the hunt of the Worgen and felllow Gilneans till they exsisted no longer they would know his name and come to fear it.

He heard stories about a religion within the Forsaken, a cult, a cult of shadows....
He would seek the Cult of Shadow, the light had abandoned him when he neeeded it most and he would have his revenge against it. He muttered to himself:
"Pain and revenge will be my weapon, the Cult of the Shadow my armour.... For the Forsaken!!!!"
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PostSubject: Re: An Application for Kregar Hathgrave.   Sun May 06, 2012 11:33 pm

Well hello there Sulfon/Kregar,

I found your Story quite interresting to read, I found it pretty good to read even through the dyslexia... Though that should not matter.

What matters is this <Stamp of Approval>

Seek us out after this application gets another Approval by another officer

Have fun until then,
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Shadow Pope

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PostSubject: Re: An Application for Kregar Hathgrave.   Mon May 07, 2012 3:24 am

Ah yes, another who understand how the light lied to us in life. Come brother, join us in our struggle to bring the truth to the living.

<Stamp of approval>
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PostSubject: Re: An Application for Kregar Hathgrave.   Mon May 07, 2012 7:24 am

Had Antistia sort this guy out for his e-mail registration since everybody else slacked! Talked to him in-game too, he's cool.
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Dunderholm of Ambermill
Dunderholm of Ambermill

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PostSubject: Re: An Application for Kregar Hathgrave.   Mon May 07, 2012 6:31 pm

Well this one already got approved by two others,... but I'll stamp this one as well

<stamp of approval>

Don't be strong, the fox outwits.
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PostSubject: Re: An Application for Kregar Hathgrave.   

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An Application for Kregar Hathgrave.
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