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 Kurtam's Second Application (For Kaleth)

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PostSubject: Kurtam's Second Application (For Kaleth)   Mon Aug 22, 2011 8:30 pm

OOC information
Character name: Kaleth
Class: Roguish Mage (Generally a mage, but not shy of using a dagger and cheap tricks to solve problems)

Why do you want to join the Cult?: Been here and it's a great RP guild with fun people and relations with other RP guilds.

How did you come to learn about the Cult: Been here. The first time I heard about it, was some kind of tauren talking about race specific RP guilds.

Anything else you'd like us to know? This application is written on Kurtam's account, but it's actually for my newly created mage named Kaleth.

IC application:

I opened my eyes and saw a hooded figure hitting me on the face. He seemed eager to keep hitting me, even when my eyes were open. As he got his hand ready to strike again, I quickly reached for my dagger. To my surprise it wasn't there. No matter, I can take him without a weapon... he's just a man. In a matter of seconds my elbow hit the man in the jaw, he should have fallen to the ground. Instead something fell on the ground from under his hood. He let out a cackling laugh, stood up and took a step backwards:
-So you're awake after all! I assumed that your eyes opened because of my hits... I've seen the weirdest wakers on this job. No hard feelings?
My eyes got focused. A man standing in front of me was short. His back was painful to look at, as it was incredibly hunched. He also had a weird stench coming from. He reminded of my father, except he smelled of alcohol... I preferred the alcohol smell. When I thought I finally got my mind back together, I asked the only reasonable question:
-Where am I? And what... what in the hell happened to me?
The man looked around. I followed his sparkly gaze, which shined trough the dark hood, only to see the horror I was thrown in. Everything around me was rotten, not only the nature, if you can call it that. No, the people were rotten too... More rotten than anything else I've seen in my life. I've jumped and again reached for my dagger... instincts. I couldn't remember much, but I did know I was experienced in magic. Experienced enough to take out the freak who just took down his hood in front of me. His face had no skin, it was only bone... His jaw was missing. The monster calmly kneeled and picked up his jaw from the ground. With a swift motion he put his jaw back in, the cracking sound almost made me vomit. I wasn't a very experienced in arcane magic, but I knew enough to put a mind to sleep. But his mind was resistant... As if there was no mind at all. I instinctively used the ol' "Look out, behind you!" and ran. Ran the opposite direction of that freakshow, jumped the fence and briefly glimpsed behind me. No one was chasing me, all I could see is those sparkly eyes looking at me. I didn't stop running, but in a couple of seconds I looked back again. No one cared that I'm running...

I stopped and looked at the few gazes that l saw from afar. I stood there until the eyes turned away from my direction, the previously hooded man walked further, kneeled near a grave and started hitting someone else in the face. Why didn't they chase after me? It seems that I wasn't a prisoner... Then who am I?
I fell to the ground, couldn't see for a second. I heard an angry voice behind me:
This time a bunch of skinless freaks started running my direction. I couldn't yet clearly see, but I heard swords being unsheathed.
I still couldn't stand, so I clumsily rolled on my back to see the assaulters face. Though, as far as I was concerned, all of them were assaulters. As I looked upon the human, something... "broke" in my mind. Suddenly I remember what happened: my house being torn down, my family because slaughtered, my oldest son escaping - leaving us behind... there were just too many of them. Then all I can remember is darkness... And now this. The man standing in front of me was my son, obviously demanding his father - me.
I stood up with my head clear. I knew what I was, I knew why he tried to kill me. I wasn't me... No, I was one of them. One of the rotten, heartless, soulless freaks... And this is my life now. Before the human, my son Kaleth, even had a chance to say anything else, I punched him in the stomach and then hit him on the back of his head with my elbow. I knocked my own son out cold. I swiftly threw him on my shoulders and told the freaks to stay out of this... That he is my son and I will finish him...

Of course I couldn't. As empty as I felt, I couldn't finish him. I just walked, and walked and walked until I stumbled upon a farm filled with humans... In such parts? Must be some kind of refugees. I left him on the doorstep of one of the houses. Erasing his memory was simple, simpler than it should have been for a real father, his young mind couldn't fight it. I left him there and went back to the same place... The place where my new "life" has started. As I came back the hooded man greeted me. It seems this whole wretched place knew about my encounter with my own son. He layed his hand on my shoulder and smiled:
-Did you kill him? You know we can't risk him coming back.
I tried smiling as well, as if I had any respect for this beast:
-I ripped the boy's bloody heart out. Ungrateful bastard couldn't recognize his own father...
I looked down on my bony hands and I let out a honest smile. I don't know why, but I did.
-Listen... What do you freaks drink around here?

OOC PS My character took his son's name.
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Kurtam's Second Application (For Kaleth)
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