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 RottingWood Application

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PostSubject: RottingWood Application   Wed Sep 21, 2011 9:57 pm

Character name:RottingWood

Why do you want to join the Cult?:I would love to join this Guild because is a rp Forsaken guild(very rare), also because I done many rp's in different character so i ahve experience and is amazing the story you come up with.

How did you come to learn about the Cult:I seen rps made from the cult and they are VERY interesting.

Anything else you'd like us to know?RottingWood is a cousin of the famous Robin Hood Unlike his cousin RottingWood was a dark and vicious Hunter and all he cared about is about his ambitions(apparently same as the forsaken) as he faced many challenges, he overtook them very easily as he is very skilled(family thing like robin hood) however when RottingWood faced the Arthas -the lich king- even his abilities could overtake the Twisted Evil himself so since then he has been raised by the Mighty Sylvanas so he can help in anyway to take the Lich King down once and for all.

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PostSubject: Re: RottingWood Application   Thu Sep 22, 2011 12:36 am

Dear RottingWood, after reading through your application, I can't help but notice a few oddities that contradict lore.
First point, the infamous Robin Hood does not exist in the Warcraft universe, but rather in our own timeline, and so it would be illogical for him to have a brother that does exist in this fantasy universe.
Second point, Arthas the Lich King is quite dead, and while it would theoretically be possible that Rottingwood participated in his vanquishing, we tend to stay away from such things for our own characters, as everyone could go around claiming he was the one that killed Illidan or defeated Cho'gall--to give an example. ^^
Once you have read up a bit on Forsaken lore on places like these http://www.wowpedia.org/Forsaken , http://www.wowpedia.org/Forgotten_Shadow and of course our own website, you are very welcome to try applying again.
Good luck!
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RottingWood Application
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