A World of Warcraft Forsaken only Roleplaying Guild. Defias Brotherhood EU.
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 Application: Nerzgul

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PostSubject: Application: Nerzgul   Mon Aug 19, 2013 10:54 pm

OOC information
Character name: Azrael Nerzgul
Class: Warlock

Why do you want to join the Cult?: I found you in the guild list in game. I would really love to play RP as I read many WoW books and I have spent quite a lot time reading wowwiki. I love the Forsaken race Iv always been playing undead race.
How did you come to learn about the Cult: Guild-browsing
Anything else you'd like us to know?
I play WoW from TBC, it has been a while. I love story of the Warcraft. I came on this server because I want to try some RP just I want to try to put myself in my character... I remember the fights for Crossroads long time ago and I want to feel something like that again that is also the reason I joined this server because I heard that Defias Brotherhood is Horde-Alliance balanced server and good world PvP is here.

IC application:

Back in times when I was High Mage in the colors of Alliance I was very proud and I would done anything for my faction It was a very very long time ago I have been in many battles and killed lots of orcs I obeyed every command. One day during First War I was protecting village in the Redrige Mountains called Lakeshire where I was born my whole family was there at that time including mother and father the orcs besieged the village. Suddenly my king send me order to leave village and protect their base in Elwynn Forest I could not refuse... I tryed to explain him the situation but he didnt listen me. There was no option only to leave the village for couple of hours...We won the fight for the base in EF, but when I came back to Lakeshire everything was destroyed and I found my family dead in the corner of my house then suddenly dozens of forest troll shamans summoned a big water monster and drowned all of my men including me. I felt so much hate and sorrow before I died. A long time after I just woke up. I realized that necromancer were standing in front of me. I looked at my hands and saw only a few meat on my bones I started to panic but then Sylvanas appeared and explained me everything. I was burried next to Lordaeron after Alliance lost First War, with a paper where my story was truly written. She choose me because she knew I will hate the Alliance. She gave me the name Azrael. I was full of hate that I wanted to destroy and kill all of the Alliance members to exterminate them from Azeroth I wanted to became the most powerful mage that it came to the point when I renounced the arcane magic and started study the most darkest magic I could. I become Warlock and wanted to learn every course and spell that includes dark magic so I found Ner'zhul and asked him to teach me. He taught me the basics but he was more shaman than warlock so after I left him I was finding someone else who can tech me and I found. Gul'dan. He teached me everything so I learned step by step how to summon demons from the twisting nether etc. After a dozens years of study I bound my soul to the darkness and I have gained the ability of metamorphosis to be fully prepared face the Alliance after I bound my soul I gain also my last name witch has engraved into my mind Nerzgul for ethernal memory of my teachers after this I fallen into the coma. Sylvanas found me again and gave me another chance so I vow that I will serve her until my last piece of mana in my body will be drained. Now I have raised again and I am prepared to face the enemies of FORSAKEN and nothing will stop me! I want to join your cult and ransack the Alliance side by side with my all my forsaken comrades!

Azrael Nerzgul
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Application: Nerzgul
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