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 Application: Matthew Blackriver

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PostSubject: Application: Matthew Blackriver   Thu May 31, 2012 10:24 pm

OOC Info
Character Name OOC and IC: Hammarkullen (OOC)/ Matthew ''Mordo'' Blackriver (IC)
Class: Warrior (OOC)/Ex-General(IC)

Why do I want to join the guild: Well I was walking around in Tirisfal Glades when I saw a group of members and I noticed that they were RP'ing, so I got interested in wether they were good or not so I got a bit closer and noticed that they're not just good, they're excellent. So I got a whisper and asked a few questions, then I got the link to this page and I thought I would sign up since I'm quite the RP'er myself, I wouldn't say that I'm an absolute pro, but I do know how to RP, and how to RP good.

I would also like to join the guild cus it seems to be VERY interesting, aswell as it looks like it contains a bunch of friendly and cool members Smile

Character background: Matthew Blackriver was born in Elwynn Forest during the era of the first war. He grew up as an orphan after being abandoned by his mother who wished for a daughter but got a son. He grew up on the streets, working as a mason to help bring up houses in the great city and to earn a few coins and food.
He picked up the training of becoming a swordsman for the army as he got within reasonable age and trained every day. He eventually finished the academy and graduated with flying scores, it wasn't long before he was recruited into the Stormwind Guards.

A few years passed and he worked as a common guard, helping people and guiding them, but as the First War broke out and Stormwind got besieged by the orc's, he fought bravely only to later be impaled by two arrows in the chest, he slowly bled to death as he was being trampeled by the incoming waves of the orcs.

A couple of years passed and Matthew was eventually brought back as a forsaken once the graveyard had been scavenged by the forsaken, and was rather rejecting at first and left Undercity, going his own way in disbelief of being one of them. As he later grew to accept what he was he went back to Undercity and positioned himself into the ranks of the Forsaken Guards. He helped the forsaken spread their hold of the land as a simple swordsman, and eventually grew into a greater soldier.
He was for a short notice promoted to a protector of Undercity and recieved the title of general, which he later got stripped of as he sent his whole plutoon to its death in an accident.
He grew furious at the removal of his title but calmed himself down and agreed to step down once again as a soldier.

He now spends most of his time checking the perimiters of Tirisfal Glades and lurking around in the woods.

Character Description: Appearance.

His hair is rather dried up and stiff, almost rock-hard.
He's got a rather bad case of the rots upon him, his skin mostly decayed and rotten, unless it's still in the process. He walks rather stiffly and seems distant in the mind unless spoken to.

Between the bones and holes in the skin you can see a surprise if you look close enough as you might be able to see a maggot or two crawl around quickly under the skin.

A rather rotten smell surrounds him and could easily make one feel sick as if they were about to vomit, unless ignored ofcourse.

His eyes have a darker light than the usual undead as they're slightly covered by leatherstraps which are holding his face intact.


He walks around with a full-plate armor covering most of his body, a miss would be the bones that clearly show.
The armor is dark and have rather dark colors, he's got two shoulderpads with the faces of a skull on them. From within them an eerie yellow light shines through and gets combined with the blue aura that the skulls seem to actually breathe out. On his right shoulderpad he's got the carved-off face of a human male plastered onto it, covering most of the skull and making it seem gory. The mouth of the human is fixed over the mouth of the skull, making it look like it's breathing out the blue aura, the eyes fixed over the yellow-glowing eyes of the skull, making it seem like they're staring at you.. Watching you.

A white dirty cloak hangs along his back, outlined with black lines and several marks.

He's got a rather brutal-looking sword on his back, a dark blade with red details and spikes sticking out of the sides. The red detailcolor is scratched here and there, showing that it's not just an accessory.

And as a tabard he ofcourse wears the good old tabard of Undercity.



Matthew Blackriver can seem rather distant as he walks down the streets or crosses through the dark woods, and if confronted or asked he may seem rather irritated or humoured. He can be quite rejecting and rude.
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Dunderholm of Ambermill
Dunderholm of Ambermill

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PostSubject: Re: Application: Matthew Blackriver   Fri Jun 01, 2012 3:11 pm

Aproved for IC interview

Don't be strong, the fox outwits.
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PostSubject: Re: Application: Matthew Blackriver   Fri Jun 01, 2012 4:01 pm

second approval here from me.

Contact me, Daeyna, Dunderholm, Dailor, Ravenie or Malidus for an IC interview.
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PostSubject: Re: Application: Matthew Blackriver   

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Application: Matthew Blackriver
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