A World of Warcraft Forsaken only Roleplaying Guild. Defias Brotherhood EU.
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 Character Application

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PostSubject: Character Application   Mon Apr 16, 2012 7:35 pm

OOC information
Character name: Vuras
Class: Warlock

Why do you want to join the Cult?: I have always had a deep interest in not only the undead and that form of lore outside of World of Warcraft but also the Forsaken within WoW. Naively I had not realised until very recently there was a commited and rich following of Forsaken Lore and more intriguingly The Cult of Forgotten Shadow on the EU servers. So simply the reason I wish to join currently, is to further my knowledge of the Forsaken, take part in events with other Forsaken, Discuss such lore and subjects with fellow cultists and to enjoy my time learning and furthering my knowledge of The Cult of Forgotten Shadow.

How did you come to learn about the Cult: Only recently did I decide to join Defias Brotherhood and it was the clear cut choice for one who is interested in the Forsaken.

Anything else you'd like us to know? I cannot think of anything that may not seem out of context, I'd like to meet fellow Cultists before I discuss in depth other subjects.

IC application:

To the leaders of the Guild,

Within the Forsaken there are often many personalities and characters. Some who do not wish to believe they're new found affiliation with the undead or others who find themselves depressed with they're new state of being. I am neither.

I embrace this form of new life that has been bestowed upon me by Lady Sylvanas. I embrace the new brothers and sisters I have been welcomed in with warm, yet undenyably to the living's eyes and touch cold arms. I often find myself with little time for compassion and sympathy. This however does not shadow how I treat other Forsaken and some members of the Horde, To whom I am kind and patient with.

My story is a simple one. I do not wish to remember my time as a Human, nor have sufficient enough memory to discuss it further beyond these short lines. All I can tell you is I was murdered by hand, in cold blood by another Human. And for this I have the urge to express not only a deep hate for the Alliance, but specifically Humans. And One way in which I can take my sweet revenge upon that race is to join my fellow Forsaken and hopefully one day complete my aims of bringing pain to the living and bringing fear to all, whilst maintaining a gracious presence amongst my fellow cultists.

I hope you have enjoyed my story brothers, and wish soon we can fulfill Lady Sylvanas's will.
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Dunderholm of Ambermill
Dunderholm of Ambermill

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PostSubject: Re: Character Application   Mon Apr 16, 2012 7:50 pm

Short, but I refered this one to the Sermon on tuesday.

Don't be strong, the fox outwits.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Application   Tue Apr 17, 2012 1:43 pm

Short isn't always bad, I kinda liked this one! So yes, hope to see you indeed at the sermon tonight and we'll see what happens. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Character Application   

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Character Application
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