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 Katrazyna's Awakening

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PostSubject: Katrazyna's Awakening   Sun Oct 23, 2011 6:35 am

Character name: Katrazyna (was Kate Grimsdottir when alive)

Class: Lv28 Female Forsaken Rogue

Why do you want to join the Cult?: During wow beta I rolled my first character, a forsaken rogue, 7 other characters later i find myself rolling my second be-cause the forsaken holds both the most tragic but fascinating of fates. The idea of being a walking dead is so foreign from any living kind of existance so the Rp has potential for intriguing tales. What if we now, dont need sleep, food or sexual relations? What dark hunger or ambitions can become?, once our own primal needs are irrelevant in death...

How did you come to learn about the Cult: I actually eavesdropped on what I suspected to be Stewe's IC-application in Tarren Mill the other night. That and the built-in guildfinder in Wow itself.

Anything else you'd like us to know? Im a 31-year old father of four with almost 20 years worth of roleplaying in my backpocket. I have Rp'd in several mmorgpgs but mostly in Wow, and on both horde and alliance characters since 2007-isch. English is not my first language but i still consider myself quite fluent in it. My big-gest drawback should be my lack of game-time (kids do that to you). My biggest asset to the guild would be my... my... aw crap, I dont know... My kind and humble nature?

IC application:

Short: Kate was a young Gilnean woman in her prime who during the panic that was the Worgen attack, died and was cast in a massgrave. It was there that the Val'kyr found and resurected her as a forsaken. From that point on there was only Katrazyna and her burning hatred towards the Worgen, the living humans and rats. My attempt at the full story comes below.....

(I totally went haywire on this story. Some demon possessed me so prepare to be critted by my wall of text!... Warning: harsh language and graphical violence)

Kate ran and ran, her heart pounding as if trying to break out from its ribcage prison. It had been only moments before when the militamen pounded on her door. And now, Her life was in the balance...

Waking her up in the middle of the night. Startled and wearing nothing but her sleepinggown, Kate made her way towards the door... Hearing panic and screaming long before she opened the door. She hesitated for a while...

"Who's there?" she asked

"Just open the gottdamn door woman! Now!!" The bellowing voice of a man answered.

Kate opened the door ever so slightly, but not a second later then it opened an inch it was busted open and Kate was knocked of her feet and fell to the floor. Bruised but not broken she looked up to see a man lying on the floor just inside the doorway fighting a huge hairy hideous creature. The beast was easily bigger then any normal man, covered in black fur and muscular arms ending in clawed hands. Its head was that of a wolf! in its mouth it had clasped the struggling mans shortsword. If it was the mans defence, or the manwolfs way of stopping him from using it, Kate did not know.

"Help me!" the man screamed. He was fighting a losing battle. The beast had him pin-ned and was slashing away with its clawed hands. The mans chainmail armor could not save him for long.

Kate managed to get up on her feet and quickly remembered her fathers rifle in the clo-set next to her. To the sound of the unknown mans deathstruggle she threw the door open and grabbed her fathers rifle. It was a good rifle that had served her father well. Long ago when her father passed away Kate had contemplated wheter to keep the rifle or not. But she did, maintaining the rifle had become somewhat of a ceremony to Kate, to honor her father.

And now she stood here, with the rifle in hand in order to kill with it.... Her fathers me-mento, now turned into an instrument of death.

Kate quickly swirled out of the closet and shut the door. She aimed from the hip, certain that at these few feet away, hitting that beast would pose no problem. Only to be met by the beasts hungry eyes. The beast had gotten a hold of the mans throat with its jaws and the man was struggling desperatly, franticly trying to pry open the beasts jaw from his neck. It looked at Kate, dead in the eyes.

"Release him you monster!, Or I swear!..."

The beast growled, taunting, almost laughing at Kates threat. But it did relax slightly. Lowering the man closer to the floor, throat still locked within its maw.

But it was just a trick.

With a sickening rip the beast bit down and shook its head, effectively tearing open the poor mans throat. Blood spattered the hallway and splashed across Kates face. Kate froze in horror as the mans strangled scream drowned in his own blood.

The shock made Kate react all to late as the beast now lunged at her. Kate raised the rifle but the beast grasped it with its hand and aimed it away from itself. Fear, sheer ter-ror hit Kate as a dip in a cold frozen wastelands ocean. She did not even feel the beast as it bit down on her shoulder. It almost seemed to go in slowmotion until the pain hit her and she screamed in agony. Regaining her senses, Kate tried to wrangle the rifle from the beasts grasp, but to no awail. The beast merely held her and bit down harder on her shoulder...

"No, not like this... I dont want to die... no..."

Kates pleading did not go unheard as the beast suddenly released her from its grasp with a howling roar. A brave militiaman had skevered the beast with his sable from be-hind. The beast turned on the man who lost his grip on the sword, still stuck in the beasts back. The young boy no more then 20 summers old now looked death straight in the eye. as the beast raised its massive paw to strike.

"Get down!" Kate screamed both in pain and in anger.

The young man saw Kates rifle aimed at the beast and only just, managed to throw him-self out of the line of fire. The rifle shook and Kate felt her shoulder wrack in agony at the recoil.

The beast took the salvo of buckshot straight in the back. Falling down infront of the young man in a howl of pain. The man did not waste his time and quickly went for his dagger. As kate at the same time went for the sable sticking out from the beasts back. Like a desperate coupe de grace they both stabbed and slashed away at the beast until it was utterly silent and still.

Panting and exhausted they withdrew their blades and looked at one another. The mee-ting of young eyes was rudely interupted as the boy was struck hard from behind. Hit in the side of his head he was tossed into the wall of the hallway. The sound of bones

breaking as the wall itself broke slightly from the impact.

Another beast charged at Kate while two others pounced the now lost boy. Kate screa-med at the top of her lungs and ran up the stairs, The wolfman close on her heels. Her lungs burned like fire as she ran up one... two... three stairs.

All the time with that growling panting monster at her heels...

Kate was losing this race as she now ran out of stairs. She ran down a hallway and ca-me to a dead end with a giant window overlooking the city from above. It had always been a favorite lookout for Kate when she was younger. And now it marked the end of her life.

She turned around and met the gaze of the alien intruder hellbent on her demise. It had slowed its run to a slow crawl on all fours as it came nearer her. It had won and it knew it.

Kates mind raced as she saw her end approach. She would not end as food for these monsters. not now, not ever. In defiance born from her acceptance of her own death she screamed all manners of insults to the beast who paid little attention.

"Light, watch over me..." kate murmured as she turned around and exposed her back to the beast. She took a few quick steps, raised her arms around her head and dove straight through the tinted glass window. Knowing fully that she was five floors up.

Kate flew through the night, glimpses of burning houses catching her eyes. The furious roar of the Worgen behind her fading away as her flight took on a serene quiet.

Pain shok her as she bounced of a roof a few stories down and slid over the edge and her broken body landed hard on the rocky road below. Darkness took her and she was free...

*cough... cough!*

Kate felt the cool stone on her cheek as she layed there in the alleyway. There was no pain, only rain and silence. No screams, no fires, no monsters... only her and the darkness. She was still alive... Light be praised she was still alive!

The joy was soon replaced as her body told her of its ordeal. Coughing up blood and strying to get on her feet she stumbled about, several ribs broken, her arm hanging useles along her side. The bite on her shoulder burning. How long had she been lying there? Minutes?, hours? She braced herself against a wall and tried to gather herself. She would not last long like this, she should rest. Thoughts of her warm fireplace called out to her. But Kate knew, she could not stay here. If she wanted to stay alive she must get away from here.

Kate started to walk down the alleys, being careful not to get out in the open. She knew her way around the city well enough to find the most stealthy way to reach the closest city gate. There! Voices ahead!. A glimmer of hope shot through her as she stumbled to the end of the alley and looked out cautiosly. four men, armed... a wagon pulled by horses carrying the wounded. They moved though the city, knowing very well that they where not alone.

"please... help..." her words barely leaving her lips...

She stumbled out on the road towards the men, who easily saw her and raised their weapons...

"Please.... Help me!" she stuttered out

The men lowered their weapons and approached her, grabbing her by her arms and carrying her to safety, they let her rest on the wagons steps and gave her a blanket as they murmured something inaudioable to her ears... She was safe! She was going to live through this! She didnt even notice the nobleman approaching by horse.

"Whats your name girl?" he said, looking down on her

Kate looked up to her saviours face.

"Kate Grimsdottir good sir. Thank the light I found you! They where everywhere... they killed that man! they..."

"Hush now little girl, we dont need any unwanted attention here, They seem to be gone but we are not certain." the man said.

One of the men who had cared for Kate whispered something to the nobleman on the horse. His face took on a grim look as he again laid eyes on Kate.

"I see that you are hurting badly my dear. Tell me, did that wound on your shoulder come from a bite?

Kate looked on a little perplexed but answered truthfully. "Yes?..."

The men imediatily stepped back and rised theyr rifles on her.

"What are you doing!" Kate proclaimed in shock.

"What we must my dear, I am sorry but by the light this is the best we can do for you now."

"What do you mean?" Kate replied

In her eye she now saw the pople on the wagon, They had been surprisingly silent during this talk. That was because they didnt need to talk, The dead are always silent. The wagon was filled with dead humans! Men and women of all ages. Some bit, some slashed, some torn to shreds but all of them, very dead. The horror of her discovery struck her like a bolt of lightning.

"You are killing anyone you find!" Kate screamed

"Quiet my dear, no need for any of this." The man reached down for his flintloch-pistol
"Just close your eyes love, I promise you will not feel a thing."


Kate tossed away the blanket and took of in the dark, running with renewed strenght away from her former saviours

"MEN!" was the last thing she heard behind her back. Then the gunshots began.

It did not take long, the men where no amateurs when it came to shooting. First a bullet grazed Kates thigh, another her leg, making her fall headfirst into the paved road. Kate dragged herself up on her knees, the pain paralyzing her entire body. She tried to get up but her legs would carry her no more. She started crawling, more in defiance then any real hope of actually getting away.

Her fingers hurt as they carried her battered frame forward, The boot that moments after stepped on her hand made little difference.

”Farewell madam, light guide your way…”

A single last gunshot from a flintloch-pistol reverbed through the dark streets and alley-ways. Then all was quiet…

Light… no sounds… cold…. so cold…. Where am I?

Kate was lying face up, she could not move. Infact, she could feel nothing except the cold. She saw the sky above her. It was a cloudy sky, but the most welcoming sight in a long time. Her head, she can not move her head… ”Where am I?”

”Who are all these people looking down on me?” Why am I down here? What is this? a hole? a big hole in the ground? What are they throwing down here?…. Thats people… Thats not very nice… Throwing them down here…”

Her mind made one last revelation…

”This is a grave!!”


”Taste of blood in my mouth, I can still move my mouth… Im alive?”
”Why am I alive in a grave?”

”Sir?” one of the men said.
”I think this one is still alive…”

Kate had been taken to the outskirts of Gilneas and tossed into a shallow massgrave meant to harbor the dead and the murdered. A gunshot to the back of her neck failed to kill her despite her ordeal. But now she face the horror of being buried alive, or rather halfdead.

The men had just finished their gruesome task when the same flintloch-pistol carrying nobleman heard his underling speak up.

”Alive?, Hardly… Most likely musclespasms” was his answer.

”Shouldnt we make sure sir? The soldier said readying his rifle.

”Save your silverbullets for the worgen private!, Trust me, that one is gone. But by all means. If you want to climb down there and cut her head of feel free to do so.”

The soldier made no remark, he simple let his rifle rest and looked at Kate who tried to form sounds and words but only wheezing and blood left her throat. He dismissed her as dead. If not, the soil would make sure of it once they covered up the grave…

”Men, We are done here!” The nobleman shouted out. ”Move out!”

Kate saw the men take their leave, one by one they disappeared from the edge of the grave until there was only sky…

”Why am I alive?. I should be dead.”

Kate pondered the whys and the hows for what seemed like hours. Drifting in and out of consciousness in a nightmarish dream of the dead Kate was awoken by a sharp pain in her ear…

A rat! A rat was biting her ear! Incessant nibbling and scratching tearing away at Kates face. And where there is one there are others. The grave was a feast for scavengers. Ravens, crows and rats didnt bother fighting over the feast provided.

”My god, why! Why is this happening to me?! How can I still be alive… The pain, the pain!. Please let me die! Light please take me now! I beg you!”

Tears streamed down Kates cheek, the only proof that she was not dead just yet.

”Please….. just…. please!

Kate felt the rats going to work on her cheeks now, biting in and tearing away. The sound of chittering vermins eating away at her face! Every little bite, every little tear tore away at Kates face and sanity. She begged and begged but not a soul or deity was listening…

The sounds…. the sounds… she could actually feel as the rats teeth sunk in and scrat-ched her own. Having her head pulled side to side in this macabre torture Kates mind snapped…

”Well then fuck you light! damn you, damn you and all your fucking worshippers! I was always true to you and here I am now! Killed over and over again and yet I live! Damn you light!, damn you!!!

Kates mind was awash in hatred and anger at her misfortune. She had done nothing to deserve this and now she was dying the slowest most agonizing death imaginable. Ka-tes mind regressed into a catatonic state where she had given up all hope and eve-rything she ever cared for or believed in.

Kate did die eventually, but not without the sight of a crow pecking her eyes out, one by one…. Once she could see only darkness… did her mortal grasp on this world seize…

Sky…. cloudy sky…. Silence…. no… a slight rumbling, as from a distant windmill crushing grain… the sound grew… stronger… stronger… words… the sounds are words!…. Sky…. cloudy sky…Movement…. movement…. I am not alone… who’s there? Hello? Can you see me?…. I see you… Hello?…. Can you hear me?

”Why hello there!” a raspy voice as from a very old man met Kates ears.

”And to answer your question… Yes I can see you….”

Kate turned her head towards the voice and was met by a horrifying sight. A walking dead, obviously because of his missing eye, pale complexion and the most obvious, his skeletal fingers that was scribbling away at some kind of parchment.

"By the light!" Kate shout out.

"Hardly my dear... Infact its more thanks to the Val'kyr over there" The living-dead man pointed a sickly finger towards a creature unlike anything Kate had ever seen... It could have been a very tall woman but shining as bright as the sun, a sickly cold shine but a shine none the less.. With wings on her back slowly moving. Not flapping like a bird. It seemed the wings where more for show. That this creature didnt really need wings to fly...

"Amazing..." Kate murmured.

"No, whats amazing is how they pulled you back from the grave. They can transcend the mortal veil at will it seems... I find it most intriguing... My name is Moss by the way. Whats yours?, naw nevermind. Thats not important anymore" The skeletal-fingered man said.

Kate started blabbering in a frenzy "But why am I here? How can I live?, I... I ...I... Died?"

The man sighed "I know its alot to take in and I dont have time for 100 questions. There are many more corpses that needs my attention. So I'll get right to it..."

"How do you feel?" His hand carrying the ink-dipped feather went for his parchment.

Kate thought long and hard about it... She actually felt great! Nothing hurt anymore. She was no longer afraid. Heck, she was not cold anymore even though she was lying on bare, wet soil.

"I... I feel great!" was her only reply.

"I see..." the man scribbled away.
"And can you move properly?...

Kate didnt even realize that she had been lying perfectly still all this time... She tried to lift her legs, twisting her ankles and wrists. She found it no effort at all to sit up.

Looking down she saw that she was still wearing her nightgown, utterly destroyed by its harsh treatment. The fact that she was practically nude did not even occur to her.

She stood up.

"Im going to write it down as yes..." the man chuckled. "Some have missing limbs or broken bones and needs the attention of a fleshshaper before they can move about properly"

Kate felt great, but more amazed then horrified she started noticing the large gaping wounds across her body. Her fingers where practically chewed to pieces by the rats... Those gottdamn rats... Her shoulder where the monster had bit her was gaping wide, showing the inner workings of her bones beneath the flesh. She moved her hands along her neck, gently massaging it as she felt the hole. Fingersize and she could easily fit her finger down it. Feeling herself tickling herself back in the mouth...

"How can this be?!? these wounds should be leathal!" she gasped.

"If you think thats something, wait until you find out that you can see and talk propely..... isch. Even though you dont have any eyes or lips, No tounge either as far as I can see.....

"What?" Kate proclaimed surprised as Moss held up a hand-held mirror.

"Be careful though, many recently awoken freak out att the sight of themselves after the awakening." Moss said handing the mirror to Kate.

Kate took hold of the mirror and took a deep breath. Unaware that she had not taken a single breath for several minutes now. She held the mirror upp infront of her and looked long and hard. She looked at helself from every angle, touched every boneless feature in her face. But not once did she freak out...

Still looking at herself in the mirror she asked Moss how this happened.

Moss took back his mirror and had finished writing on his parchment.

"Again my dear, 100 questions... Long story short, Gilneas fell to the Worgen, We the Forsaken went to war against them, we won and now we are reaping the spoils of war. While doing so we found this grave and in order to bolster our numbers, ressurection of the dead began."

Moss seemed obviously stressed at this point as more and more dead began to stirr around them.

"Tell you what dear, climb out of here and you will find a large tent nearby. Infront of it you will see scribes and soldiers at a desk. They can tell you everything you need to know. Now If you excuse me..." Moss excused himself as he sat down next to a stirring corpse and once again took out his feather and parchment and started taking notes... "And how are we feeling today?"

Kate rised up and walked over the dead and the undying as she climbed out of her own nightmare.

She looked around. Here she was, dozens upon dozens of the walking dead around her. Foul incense and strange yet horrible machinery aplenty. But somehow, Kate felt perfectly safe.

"I must still be in shock, this just isnt normal!" Kate chuckled to herself...

The tent was easily recognized a some hundred feets away. A huge dark purple tent with banners flying. Walking over Kate felt at ease with her situation. There was no more suffering to be had for her and she was thankful.

Her steps got easier the more she walked. Somehow she felt faster, stronger, more alert to her surroundings. It took some time before she realised that she can see in the dark! "That might come in handy.." she pondered what more there was to be had...

Before long she was standing infront of a desk at the tent. Guided there by the armored soldiers guarding it. A man... undead man with glasses and white, almost glowing eyes looked up at her from his huge book. Obviously some kind of a deskclerk.

"Yes?, Can I be of assistance my dear?"

his words sloppy and full of distortion from his gaping neckwound. "Slashed throat, perhaps?"

"I was told to come here by Moss. I dont know what I am doing here though." Kate replied

"Well, well, well. Arent you a sight to warm an old stiff?"

The man was obviously deranged. Kates beauty was long gone. Or perhaps beuty takes on another form in this unlife?

"I'll give you the basics dear. You were dead, and now you walk again as a Forsaken. We are not the slobbering ghouls of your nightmares but an efficient civilization based around our unlife. You have been given a choice to walk Azeroth again or just end it permanently. Your free will matters the most, nothing will be forced upon you. We only ask that to keep your unlife, you swear your aliegence to our cause. Our cause is to carve out a plece for us on Azeroth, be left in peace to do as we will, however. As the walking dead we are seen as the single greatest threat to the living world."

The man snarled. "We have the Lich King to thank for that"
Leaning forward and cluthing his hands he continued to talk.

"You will see things unheard of. Things of divinity and nightmares, all part of our way of life."

"In this book I have the names of all those that came before you today. They all swore alligence and where left to their own ways. We do nothing but show the way..."

"If you want to return to the silence of the grave and your afterlife, we can make it happen. But If you... Well I'll be..."

Kate felt it to, the thing that stopped the man cold in his tracks. A prescence that could be felt through the entire camp.

"She is here" The clerk whispered

Kate Didnt know who but knew exactly where to look. In the distance a group of heavily armed guards, mounted on skeletal horses. Atleast twenty in number approached the camp. Several of the winged creatures where with them.

At the front of this band, Riding her own skeletal horse was the single most beautiful woman Kate had ever seen. Her sight brought warmth and a feeling of... love? All the dead around her stared in awe at this woman, almost hypnotized.

"She.... she's beautiful..." Kate said.

The clerk replied "She is magnificent!, we are ever so lucky to be able to bask in her glory!"

"who is she?"

"She is the Ranger-General, the Banshee Queen, The Dark Lady of the Forsaken Sylvanas Windrunner. Our Queen and ruler of this land and the single reason that you are standing here today and not rotting away in a grave!, And you will be wise to show her the utmost gratitude and respect!"

"Would I be able to server her?" Kate replied, never taking her eyes of this wondeful creature before her.

"We all do love, We all do..." The man said, tapping his book with his fingers..."

The man regained his posture. "So love, what is your name?"

"My name Is Kate Grimmsdottir, born from Gilneas by my...."

Kate was interrupted by the clerksmans open palm.

"That my dear is who you where, not what you are now. Think long and hard now. This is where you begin a new life. Your name is Kate? So be it... But you have the chance to change everything you ever was here and now so again i ask... What Is Your Name?"

As from a bolt of lightning, Kates memory went to her childhood idol. From her favorite books she read in her youth about a heroic adventurer and masterthief that led her own guild of thieves in the heart of Stormwind...

"My name..."

"My name Is Katrazyna..." Looking over at the dark lady with intense determination and nodding at her direction...

"What would she ask of me?"


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PostSubject: Re: Katrazyna's Awakening   Sun Oct 23, 2011 6:59 am

I will look forward to meeting you in-game, discussing the virtues and letting you flesh out your character for Morthimus.

Hopefully by the time we meet a Darkcaller will have approved this, if not, to bad. I really like it.


I found this video appropriate to your neat little story,

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PostSubject: Re: Katrazyna's Awakening   Sun Oct 23, 2011 9:10 pm

Several typos and formatting errors, my apologies. I wrote the story piece by piece and had little time to compile the text.
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Dunderholm of Ambermill
Dunderholm of Ambermill

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PostSubject: Re: Katrazyna's Awakening   Sun Oct 23, 2011 10:01 pm

A bit long but ... I LIKE Smile

Don't be strong, the fox outwits.
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PostSubject: Re: Katrazyna's Awakening   Sun Oct 23, 2011 10:10 pm

My my.. That was a realy good read. No reason to say this realy, but approved. Looking forward to meeting you.
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PostSubject: Re: Katrazyna's Awakening   Sun Oct 23, 2011 11:07 pm

I Look forward to it Darkcaller... And thank you.

I'll try to get some more decent onlinetime during the week.
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PostSubject: Re: Katrazyna's Awakening   Mon Oct 24, 2011 11:50 am

I really liked this! Very Happy It was sad though.. I'm no officer, but I would love to see you ingame soon. We need more female characters in the Cult, atm I'm the only real active one! (And female IRL, but that should not make much difference IC Wink )
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PostSubject: Re: Katrazyna's Awakening   

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Katrazyna's Awakening
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