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 Thus spake ... Stewey

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PostSubject: Thus spake ... Stewey   Tue Oct 18, 2011 9:48 pm

OOC info
Character: Stewey
Class: Warrior, though there is little "warrior" about him. Perhaps, cannon fodder, foot soldier or sack of bones with a blade would be a more accurate description.

Why would I want to join the Cult?
Ahh.. in truth, I feel like scouting the Forsaken RP scene. I have roleplayed before, but never as Forsaken. I'm curious to learn more of Forsaken RP and the Cult as a whole.

How did I cane to learn about the Cult?
One can not go by Forsaken RP and not learn or notice the most prominent Forsaken RP guild. If not in numbers, then at least, in name this guild seemed to me the most iconic Forsaken guild. What better place to learn of Forsaken RP?

Anything else you'd like to know?
Nothing comes to mind, but perhaps you might fire any questions you have yourselves?

IC Story:

- "Rise! Rise, Brother!"
The rumbling voice tumbled into my mind. A faint sensation told me I was awake and.. alive..
Then uncertainty hit me. I couldn't recall why, nor could I feel the uncertainty. It was as if a faint recollection in my mind objected logically to what I had awoken to.
- "Welcome back to the realm of the living"
I heard a rumbling.. faint.. muffled, as if I listened to rumbling stones through a pillow. The words formed in my mind, crystal clear as if they were spoken face to face. I stand up, not clearly feeling any effort from my muscles, yet there is no doubt my mind directed my limbs. I peer at my hands, and notice they are not my own. They respond and move as fluently as ever. They match the size. But they look... unreal, different.
- "Do you have a name, Brother?"
Did I? I had a name. Yes, my mind recalled a name. What was it? I tried to speak it, but my voice was not my own.
- "With the blessing and power of the Dark Lady, I have freed you from death's grip, Stewey!"
I remembered it as soon as I spoke it. The burning fires of war that had devastated my town. A grain silo crumbled and fell on me. I thought I'd die, but I was spared... spared the fate of being crushed, only to get stuck in the debris and suffocate. I tried to breathe in, in reflex of the horrible memory. My chest heaved, I felt it, but no air filled my lungs. Yet I felt no lack of air... no suffocation. Briefly stunned by this realization, I wondered if my prayers for air had been answered.
"Where am I?"
- "Ahh..." said the undertaker. "Allow me to explain, Stewey..."

So followed a conversation unlike I ever had before. I never would have though such horror to feel so liberating. Briefly, Mordo explained the purpose and some of the first things to learn of this new... life. He walked me to a village, as rackety as my own body. At the sight, I tilted my head back, but no audible gasp followed.
- "In this new order and life... we have need for able bodies. What skills do you bring us? What did you do in your life?"
"Interior decorator"
Outside, I could sense the rumbling of his guts. In my skull, I heard the echo of his vicious laughter.
- "And I bet you were a pious Light follower too."
I heard myself confirm that claim.
- "Light is not of much use to you now. If you wish to serve the Dark Lady, if you wish to follow religion.. The Shadow will reveal you truth and power."

Logic told me, that my heart would feel pain, regret, sorrow... that I would feel afraid to make this step. Logic also told me, such boundaries were removed.
"Where might I learn more of this... power?"
- "The Cult of Shadow, Brother. Seek them out."


Time seems to fade into the background when the boundaries of sleep, day or life are no longer yours. I only remember the walk to Undercity as a stream of visions and images playing before my eye. I recall killing things along the way, but my mind tells me not to heed the details. Something else it at hand... and it starts right here.
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PostSubject: Re: Thus spake ... Stewey   Wed Oct 19, 2011 1:29 am

I'm no officer, but I just wished to point out that Stewey contacted me ingame to ask for some info before he wrote this, and seems like a really nice person to me.
And I'm sure officers would agree with me that this application is well written. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Thus spake ... Stewey   Wed Oct 19, 2011 2:00 am

I also like this application and will definitely trust Daeyna's judgement.
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Dunderholm of Ambermill
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PostSubject: Re: Thus spake ... Stewey   Wed Oct 19, 2011 10:39 am

A like from me as well

Don't be strong, the fox outwits.
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PostSubject: Re: Thus spake ... Stewey   Thu Oct 20, 2011 3:04 pm

I have now made an account with the name Stewey, which is awaiting administrator confirmation, apparently.

Signed with Stewey2 (guest) since registering Stewey just killed my permission to use that name Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Thus spake ... Stewey   

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Thus spake ... Stewey
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