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 Graddius' Application

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PostSubject: Graddius' Application   Mon Aug 29, 2011 6:38 am

Hello there, I am looking to join your guild, of course. So, here's a shot at my application! Thank you for reading it, and hoping to hear from you soon. Smile

OOC Information:
Character Name - Graddius
Character Class - Rogue
Character Level - 85

Why do I want to join the Cult?

I'm looking to join the Cult to try out the roleplaying aspect of this server, I want to join your guild as I feel it will be alot easier to get RP that I can enjoy IC and OOC, and it will be logical both IC and OOC too. I feel this is much easier to do in a guild where everyone is the same race, especially as Forsaken are a very 'outcast' race in the Horde.

How did I come to learn about the Cult?

I learned about the Cult in a recruitment thread I read on the Defias botherhood realm forums on the Blizzard website. That perked my interest so I then decided to follow up on some events and observe just how you RP, from a distance so I didn't disrupt you.

Anything I would like you to know?

I have a few things I would like you to know about me. Smile First off, I'm not too interested in out of character PvE, this part of the game just doesn't really appeal to me, sorry! I mostly spend my time in random battlegrounds, maybe the odd W-PvP (hard to find now though, but joining should change that! Very Happy) I only do PvP casually, so no rated things for me, sorry again. And I also would like to say that I have a bit of a randomness to when I come online, so I can't guarentee exactly when I will be on and what I will attend or won't. But I will try my ebst to attend as many events as I can! I would also like to inform that I'm not that great on lore in general, or Forsaken lore. But I hope joining the guild will improve my knowledge Smile


Cult of Shadow

For the short time of my rebirth, I heard the name spoken, whispered, advertised in many ways. I am a rather 'fresh' Forsaken if this is indeed the correct term.

Raised by the Val'kyr. My new life took a few seconds to take in, each second seemed like an eternity. I felt my new, glowing...Eyes, if you will blinking, like I would in life as though I was still living, yet still confused at my new found environment. The remains of my nose twitched, trying to grasp the smell of the environment and I felt the sides of my head, where ears would be twitch, trying to comprehend this..Adaptation. Half way through my hands journey to reach said ears to feel them, I caught them in the corner of my eyes and helplessly found myself staring at them, so many thoughts running through my mind yet, my emotions were not how I would have ever imagined.

I was human, the very thing that destroyed my former nation, friends, family..All around me. Undead. Scourge. Yet I had little fear, no shock.
I stared at them from my still prone position. Obviously going to let them make the first move, I wasn't in the best of positions to resist...A 'man', certainly humanoid at least approached the burial site I can only assume was mine, leaning down into it.

I prepared myself for...Well I had no idea what was going to happen, but my hopes certainly weren't high. I lifted my gaze to meet his, the same glowing eyes returning my gaze for but a moment before they wondered my body inspectingly.

I returned the favour..I didn't know what to expect though, the one and only word to describe the creature would simply be, dead. Pale skin, rotting flesh, decayed features I could even see bone showing beneath the tattered brown robes it wore, in little better condition than the wearer himself.

The strangest thing, beset by this...Abomination, I felt no fear, no sickening just...Emptyiness, and that itself barely counts.
After an eery silence which seemed longer than my previous life itself, the thing spoke in a jagged, husky voice. The first impression was that it had a sharp tongue, no matter how much remained.

"Graddius. Rings any chimes?"

My head tilted as I closed my eyes, completely ignoring the creature as my mind got flooded with memory. Yes. Yes, Graddius was my name. The sentence jogged through my skull, brought back to the...Real world by the creature's interruption.

"Well..? Do stay awake, you've had plenty of rest."

My jaw moved to produce no sounds. My new mouth proving a challenge in itself. After some grumbles and mumbles, I managed to utter a reply, my voice just as lifeless as the man before me.

"Graddius...Yes, that's me..But, how?"

I was surprised by the lack of emotion in my voice, matching my mind's lack of emotion perfectly, the creature however did possess what I assumed was interest now perhaps the longer you are in this state, the more you can..Control it? Brought back to the real world with another reply, I was.

"Your gravestone, although the other names are worn. It's a common problem, but worry not, many fresh Forsaken create their own names, more...Fitting, to their changes."

After understanding the...Basics of my new life, I was told that I am bound to no master, I have my own will. I brushed off the decayed suit I was buried in as I stumbled from my slumber and aimlessly walked the wilds of what I was told was Tirisfal Glades.

I sat down and pondered. Hours went by, or so I assumed. I seemed to freeze, my body not moving at all, no muscle twitches, chest movements to breath, only the movements I did purposely with no by-products. The only thing reassuring me that time indeed still ticked were the critters I saw in the area, but I payed them little heed.

My own body had me curious, I was every definition of dead, every sympton there. Yet I was alive, I tried scratching my decayed flesh to cause some pain, to check if I was in some sort of nightmare. I felt no pain, yet the nightmare continued.

I went back to where this began, and met the same creature who spoke to me earlier. I wanted answers, not about being dead. About what he was, why he was there, what he was doing.

He told me everything. Everything I asked was answered, clearly, specifically. Not like I believed a walking corpse, yet I had little choice. The answers given were clearly lodged into memory, suggesting I'm certainly not a a rarity in this ritual.

My story. As I remembered it then. As I look back to it now, I see how strongly I was wrong. The perspective I used to view it one of a simple, unknowing human. Yet now, I see it as what I am. What the truth is. I see it as Forsaken, the Shadow's Blessed.

Every 'weakness' is a strength! Smell and taste are useless. Why should I have them when I don't need to draw breath? Why should I waste my time eating when I need not consume? I feel no fatigue, no exhaustion! I need no sleep.

I have no blood. I have no need for blood! I feel no pain, I am unstoppable. I am Forsaken. I am blessed.

However. I am alone. This horde I hear rumors about distrusts us. The old companions I had within humanity, traitors. Where does one turn when every living wants you dead, wether they tell it to your face or behind your back? Whom do you call upon when those of us under no banner act and rely foolishly upon and by themselves?

We turn to our true brethren. We call upon our almighty Nation, the Forsaken. We have unity, strength, purpose! Power. Tenacity. Respect. United under our great Queen, binded by Shadows. We come as one.

In unity, I wish to further serve my nation, my Queen. To further embrace the Shadow. To increase my Power. To Respect those responsible for giving me my new, better life within undeath and myself for accepting my fate. To be Tenacious against the many new conflicts we as a people share.

I wish to increase your Cults power. Bestow upon your Cult the Respect it deserves! Fight Tenaciously alongside my kin so that what I fight for, I have no doubt is the right cause.

Cult of Shadow. I devote myself to your service. To Forsaken service. To the Dark Lady's service. If you would be so willing as to accept my offering. I pray this letter finds its way through the Shadows and into your grasp and pray that you would give me the opportunity to prove myself.

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PostSubject: Re: Graddius' Application   Mon Aug 29, 2011 3:09 pm

A definite pass from me, the story is well-written and detailed, and you seem like a very friendly person OOCly.
Wait for another officer to second me, and you will soon be on your way to become a member. ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Graddius' Application   Mon Aug 29, 2011 3:21 pm

Hell Graddius!

It was a really great and brilliantly written application - just as I imagine a newly risen to be! So what else could I do, but to give you a "pass!" from me?

Seconded! Contact any of the officers ((Thenkar, Rasonal, Dailor, Vasilije, Drathun, Arivas) in game for an IC interview!


"It's just the way of it, son. We all sell our souls sooner or later."
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PostSubject: Re: Graddius' Application   Mon Aug 29, 2011 6:55 pm

As a nobody in the Cult I'd like to tell you that your OOC attitude is perfect. The focus is roleplay, and of course battlegrounds..

Perhaps you need a mediocre frost death knight for some arena games?

I welcome you on behalf of the Ambermill militia and hope you enjoy your stay with one of the most prominent guilds on the realm Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Graddius' Application   

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Graddius' Application
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