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 Extended Guild Policy

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PostSubject: Extended Guild Policy   Thu Aug 11, 2011 12:08 am

If you are viewing this page, you are probably thinking of making an application to join our lovely guild! There are few rules associated with being a member of the Cult, for some these may be common sense, but better safe than sorry.

1. Roleplaying
First and foremost, do remember that the Cult of Shadow is a religious-themed roleplaying guild, this means the RP will be centered around religion. There is of course a military branch within the cult, and we are a military power in our own right, but the religious aspect is omnipresent. If you do not like this style of roleplaying, then we advise you to pick another guild!
To get a basic grasp of what this religious RP includes, there are plenty of helpful sources of information on the forums.

Secondly, since we are a roleplaying guild, we expect you to behave accordingly. Concretely this means not using IC channels(/s, /e and /y) for OOC means and no griefing other players.
Our guildchat is also ICly.

Thirdly, things like metagaming, power-emoting and lol-rping are strongly frowned upon.

2. Illegal programs, third-party software or anything against Blizzard Policy.
Don’t do it.

3. Inactivity

We expect you to actively roleplay your character and if you do not log in on a certain character for thirty days without prior notice, we will assume you have abandoned said character, and kick it from the guild.
Characters expelled by this means may not make another application or rejoin. The Cult is not a place you can come and go at your leisure.

4. The Application
While it may seem obsolete to some, this is a pretty essential part of recruitment as we’ll get an impression on what kind of person you are, if you are able to write a (little) text and understand what the guild is about. You will be judged according to the content of the background story, so be sure to give us something to work with.
Including something about yourself OOCly is a must, we like to know what kind of wicked person we are drafting into our ranks!

5. Language

Roleplaying is at its core reading and writing, so we expect you to have a certain level of fluency with the English language. While we fully comprehend if English isn’t your native language, we expect you to be able to express yourself clearly without us having to decipher every word. Capitalizing and punctuation are also handy at times.
Language also applies to the content of your messages. No foul language, all-caps, racism, et cetera.
Because of guildchat being IC, we have a channel for OOC communication, this is a place for lighthearted conversations. While it may be fruitful to have the occasional discussion, if you want to call people names or otherwise insult them because you don’t share the same opinion as they do, do it in whisper. Ruining the mood for everyone will not be tolerated.

6. Naming
The first thing we see when we review your application is your name, and since roleplaying is all about creativity, can we trust the creativity of someone who took his character’s name from his favorite comic book series? If you are really clueless about a name, try one of the many fantasy-name generators on the web.
Names that will not be tolerated:
A character from your favorite anime/movie/book such as Nârûtô, Rand or Anakin.
Any substantive, with or without an added adjective, such as Ravenwing, Blackheart, Snake, Tiger or Death, no matter how cool it may sound.
Literally translated words from another language. We don’t want to get a whisper after a month of membership by someone, explaining your name means buttplug in polish. This doesn’t mean you can’t use latin or greek words for inspiration, to give an example.


Read these rules carefully, and when you are confident you can abide by them, you are welcome to make an application!
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Extended Guild Policy
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