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 Our Recruitment post

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PostSubject: Our Recruitment post   Thu Feb 24, 2011 3:48 pm

This is mainly who you who've found us in the game or heard from the friend. The following text is the piece of text we posted to various other forums:

"In the past we were weak..
In the past they were strong..
In the past the Light shone in Lordaeron..

In the past they persecuted us, under the auspices of the false Light. In the past we hid in decrepit buildings. In the past we could do almost nothing. In the past the Forgotten Shadow was found by some of us, and from that day onward, we knew that the Forgotten Shadow had blessed all of us. In the past we ruled little.

That is the past, this is the present. Lordaeron has changed. The Forsaken have changed. The Cult has changed.
Indeed, the world has changed. Deathwing's return has brought chaos to this world. The world of the Light has been torn asunder, what they knew is no longer there. The gospel of hate preached by its followers is retreating like water receding after a flood. It can only retreat for it is the only way to postpone the inevitable.

As the landscape of the world has changed, so the dominant forces in Lordaeron have changed. The Scarlets have been practically destroyed, their fearful doctrine destroyed by the might of the Shadow. The remaining farmers in Lordaeron.. Gone from the land. The Forsaken now reign supreme, all the living flee at the rumor of our war machine gathering steam to unleash our wrath upon them. Yes, the Forsaken too have changed. We no longer hide in decrepit buildings, no, now even the smallest of our towns is little less than what the living call a fortress. We are no longer weak, we are strong. We dominate these lands.

As such, the Cult has changed, our beliefs have evolved with the support of the Dark Lady's new allies. Our goals are the same. Our power has increased and what we know: Unfathomable to the living. Our Prophet guides us still, through our Shadowpope we hear her words and the will of the Shadow. Their voices speak in unison in the Cult, and they preach the will of the Shadow:

The blight of the Light's Dawn Cathedral in Gilneas must be turned to rubble. Lordaeron must be the land where the Shadow is preached. And the living? The living must know our blessing.

As for the Forsaken, as for the Cultists, they must be reminded that ASCENSION AWAITS!"


The Cult of Shadow is a Forsaken-only RP guild. Our concept is one of religious nature and based on the lore entity "The Cult of the Forgotten Shadow" created by Blizzard. I say based because we have expanded upon the lore created by Blizzard to make it more specific for our grouping. In essence we have created an official doctrine for the Cult which is encouraged but not the only doctrine in the Cult (though it is by far the predominant one).

Our focus is not only on the religious side though. The existence of the Forsaken has been marked by a struggle for existence and the Cult reflects this. We have for a while now had a militia as an arm of the Cult with the official task to defend the Faith. Furthermore there are also some minor sub-factions in the Cult, notably the Inquisition (warlocks) and the Lightslayers (rogues) respectively.

"We are the eyes, the ears.. We watch for heresy. We maintain unity. We are the Inquisition. Some say we do evil, but we do good. We are essential in holding the Cult together." - Unknown Inquisitor.

"There are certain moments in one's existence one does not forget. My induction into the Lightslayers I shall never forget. I felt as if my existence served little purpose, but now I see it does. I offer you this opportunity, this chance to discover a feeling of purpose. Let me guide you through the rites of the Lightslayers. I offer you the chance to embrace the Virtues, to know your blessing, to know our ways and much more." - Caelus, a Lightslayer.

The Cult regularly organizes events, these range from fighting the Alliance, to seeking out artifacts, to sermons. It should be noted that RP is our primary focus.

An applicant can make an application on our forum: www.thecult.forumotion.net
We highly suggest one, at the very least, has an understanding of Forsaken lore and has read up on the Forgotten Shadow. Having read about that should make it all the easier for one to apply and to understand the Cult.

I personally suggest reading the following two articles:

Thank you for reading this and let me end with two quotes:

"And is not the man who stabs a friend in the back, who invents what he never saw, who does not show compassion to his brethren black at heart? Should we not mark and avoid that man?" - The Scripture of Respect.

"You, young Forsaken, you and your comrades, can be the masters of the world if you only seek to intelligently grab that distinction. Will you grab it, or do you lack the desire, the will, the ambition to do so?" - the Scripture of Power.
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Our Recruitment post
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