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 Application : Nezfrul

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PostSubject: Application : Nezfrul   Thu Aug 22, 2013 12:02 am

OOC Info :
Character name : Nosley Nezfrul
Class : Undead Warrior

Why do you want to join the cult ? : I wanted to explore RP as a Forsaken .
How did you learn about the cult ? : From a friend ( Thresch)
Anything else you'd like us to know ? My age is 15 and I somewhat new to RP but I know the main stuff and how RP works.

IC Information :
My name is Nezfrul. I was once a proud defender of the Arathi Highlands and a member of The League of Arathor .Me and the defenders fought many battles together down in the Basin ...But one unplanned reckless battle cost our lives and the of the Basin. We were left abandonned against legions of Blood elves and Undead thus utterly defeated. I was recently risen by Galen Trollbane and his group of Forsaken enforces in the Highlands ... there is no other purpouse to me than to serve the banshee queen and to be loyal to the forsaken.

I ask you to accept me amongst you.
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Application : Nezfrul
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