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 Application : Thresch

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PostSubject: Application : Thresch   Wed Aug 21, 2013 5:54 pm

OOC Information:
Character name : Thresch
Class: Monk

There are many reasons I want to join the cult. I am a big fan of RP and RPPVP and I have always wanted to play an undead for RP. I was first going to roll an Alliance on this realm but I was dissappointed how nobody wanted a DK to join their RP ranks and decided to play the horde ... I found you through the guild finder tool , your intro really got me in.
IC application :
My name is Thresch , I do not remember my past before death , I heard rumors that I was once a soldier defending Southshore just before it's destruction .. that doesn't matter to me now. The only that thing matters to me now is power and the will of the Banshee Queen. Many ask "How did you become a monk?" It's actually is hard as it seems.This is my story: " I was in the Silverpine Forest near the Sepulcher collecting animal organs for a ritual , while I was finishing of the last bear a strange creature yelled " Stop! What are you doing ?! Why are you killling the forest's inhabitants?!" It was a rather fat creature with strange bear-like head and body , it looked like an adventurer . I was bold enough to engage him , he was strong and calm during the combat and I was utterly defeated. Laying on the ground I asked " What is this power?!" , the creature replied " The path to peace and harmony with the land , with the air , with yourself may lead to you many opportunities including strength beyond your body's capacity". I was amazed and I asked " Can you teach me ?" . The creature replied while laughing "Ho-ho-ho It depends on yourself alone , if you are dedicated enough you will be able , but if you are not you are only going to lose yourself...". So it happened we trained and trained until I was able to harness the mists , the brew and the wind! I was more than thankful but our journey has reached it's end , he had to train more people of the ways of the monk and I had a duty , to serve the banshee queen.

I ask you to accept me amongst you.

P.S. I hope the story doesn't disappoint , I put alot of work into it Smile
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Application : Thresch
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