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 Gumer Fallenpirate

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PostSubject: Gumer Fallenpirate   Fri May 31, 2013 3:37 pm

Character name : Gumer
Class : Warlock

Why do you want to join the cult? : The first reason is I like forsakens, undead stuff. Secondly I like wow lore. "Cult of shadow" guild rp goal is very clear as you mentioned in forums so I feel like it is for me.
How did you come to learn about the Cult : While I was searching a forsaken rp guild , I have seen you in wow eu official site forums. One of the guy talking about horde rp and discussing about rp servers. Do not remember which topic. Then I start searching in "guild search" in game. I have seen your site there.
Anything else you'd like us to know? : I have been playing wow since 2004. I have done lots of rp in 2005-2006 in a different server , again with an undead. Also , I have done lots of old pve raids, pvp stuff in a different pvp server (sylvanas). However after my marriage and son , I quit and start several times. I have never quit more than 6-7 months.
I hope you guys understand my rp experience little bit :]. I haven't been around in wow for a while (6 months). I remember some rp experience from old times (2006) but I really do not remember lots of stuff and I do not have rp experience like you guys. I got an average rp experience. Hence I hope you guys give me an opportunity to improve myself. It is really better for me to ask some rp stuff to one of you so I remember how to act, behave in an event (I don't want to ruin your rp events with my wrong actions in game :[). How to chat in guild chat and other stuff... etc. I really appreciate. My char's background is from 2005 :]. I have changed some background info so it will fit the guild goals. Also I need more change in some other parts for future rp. I got a looong story for him but I could not play with him due to real life stuff. I hope I can play with him with you guys. I am almost fully available in weekends and average time availability for weekdays. If you see me in weekdays mornings , I just connected from the work so I could not play in the weekday mornings. Thanks a lot.

IC application :

Gumer Fallenpirate

What's in my head? Every time I woke up I have faced with different dreams, echoes in my mind...I have to write down this letter to my self to confess my feelings, my goal to myself and to the forgotten shadow...
My father once been a pirate. I could not even remember his face like my all family. Perhaps these faces in my dreams , could they be my family?
After my lifeless body awakened I only had a book in my coffin. A book written by my father. It was somehow very easy to accept being death. Some mysterious force in my mind keep me strong, make me achieve more power...I slowly read my father's book day by day. His enemies, his rivals, the world around us. He mentioned a war which was approaching to lordaeron. A war that made me forsaken...
He left my family. Maybe due to poverty , maybe being a treasure hunter. I don't know exactly. But it is obvious in his book that he has tried to find something. A thing that will change his inner self...Maybe a thing that will make him more powerful. He had been traveling numerous islands, lands. Plundered, killed, tortured people with his crew to get the thing...
Sometimes I lost myself while walking in the silverpine forest. Thoughts echoing in my head from the past... When I was a mortal human in Lordaeron , church of the light priests taught us about the light. I was an orphan. Priests told us stories about the paladins and their brave fights. They were praying to light. Praying and made us pray. Each time I pray I knew something was wrong. Something was wrong about not being myself, my feelings. Every priest, bishop was praying to a being, energy. But they were not listen about their inner self, inner feelings. They just pray it blindly without the guidance of their inner self. They were like brainwashed...
I was a pirate too. After I left orphanage I have got nothing to do in cities. No one to go. No family, no friend. People behaved me like a criminal. Everyone turned his back to me. At first I was working in regular merchant ships. Ships that are sailing between eastern kingdoms and Kalimdor. Sometimes they were docking to the islands in the great sea. Islands that no one even know their names. In a cold winter day, I have met with someone in a tavern with full of pirates. One guy told me about a pirate. A pirate who was searching for a think. My father...
While reading and trying to understand my past alone I have joined lots of adventures with the forsaken and the horde. Forsaken that has given my existence back. They have taught me the dark energy, shadow which open the gates of free mind inside me. I still need to learn more of it, still need more power to kill mortals, alliance. Alliance who turned his back to me long years ago... My inner self still searching for more power (power that I still do not understand) that's why I am a fanatic and lore searcher for the forgotten shadow. Every time when I unveil it's mysterious lore , I feel more power inside me.
I slowly realize my existence and goal in this universe. My inner self and it's connection to the universe and void. In the beginning my first goal was to search my family and my father... Why he left us? However after a while, I realize that my goal has to achieve more self power, inner power with the help of shadow. I need to release every material thing even my past family in this world to achieve that power, ascension...
My death body and it is dark energy somehow connected to the universe and make me feel free. Every time I kill someone whose oppose the dark lady , dark energy , I feel more power inside me. Some days I lost control of myself and spill more enemy blood for the shadow. I behave like a fanatic, crazy man who lost his mind. Is this due to dark energy that I cannot control? Power that I still cannot understand? This is something like lost in the dark energy. I hope cult can help me to understand it more clearly...Yes I am still weak. Still ignorant to behave like a pirate, searching for my lost family... But cult of forgotten shadow will give me more strength , ascension to forget the material world. I have to forget them...
While I was mortal, I found my old father in an ancient ruined island. Maybe someday I can release the hatred inside me to my father. My father who killed me in that island...

For each enemy that I spilled his blood
My inner self going stronger
For each pathetic life that I have taken
My undead body gives me more strength
For each marvelous lore of the dark energy that I unveiled
My undead being getting closer to the shadow that I come.

Chronicles of Gumer Fallenpirate
Volume 1. "Before the Dark Portal"
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Dunderholm of Ambermill
Dunderholm of Ambermill

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PostSubject: Re: Gumer Fallenpirate   Sun Jun 02, 2013 8:04 pm

They way I understand the story leaves me pondering.

First all, there are more then several grammatical errors. Now this is understandable if English isn't your native language, although I urge you to work on it.
Second, I believe there are several continuity errors in your background as regards to you being a orphan or not.

I'd rather see you RP before I'll pass judgement, unless Dailor and Diederich think otherwise.

Don't be strong, the fox outwits.
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Shadow Pope

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PostSubject: Re: Gumer Fallenpirate   Sat Jun 15, 2013 6:46 pm

Feel the same about this one.

/Dailor Silvershade
Shadowpope of the Cult of Shadow

Cursed are we, taken away from our lives, cast into this existence. But Shadow has blessed us with the path to ascendancy, to save its true children from oblivion. Through the virtues we live and die.

The one who follows the Shadow will have an eternal existance as one with Shadow. Still able to see and hear what goes on in the world. Still able to act upon the world. And we are Shadows true children.
Shadow's Will.
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PostSubject: Re: Gumer Fallenpirate   

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Gumer Fallenpirate
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