A World of Warcraft Forsaken only Roleplaying Guild. Defias Brotherhood EU.
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 Guild Policy

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Favius Daark
Favius Daark

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PostSubject: Guild Policy   Mon Jun 15, 2009 10:50 pm

As a Roleplay Guild there are certain rules we need to abide to, please take time to read the following.

1) Roleplaying The most important rule is to always remain in Character (IC) within the /s and /y Channels, no insane bunny hopping and no griefing of other players. Any Out of Character (OOC) behaviour will be frowned upon as it spoils the immersion for others. Feel free to OOC your heads off within the /p and /w channels. /g channel is IC. OOC channel will be provided upon joining the guild.

2) No Metagaming Metagaming is using knowledge you have acquired by OOC means and applying it to your character who would have no idea of what is happening or about to happen. i.e You learn there is going to be an assassination attempt on one of our members, this information is relayed to you via the /w, /p or /fscult channels, you then warn the "target" by speaking to him/her ICly, thus altering the outcome of the "plot".

3) No third party programmes, Bots, or anything else that is against Blizzard Policy

4) Know your Lore The Cult of Shadow is based upon the Forsaken religion of The Forgotten Shadow, information can be found at http://www.wowwiki.com/Cult_of_Forgotten_Shadow , you will be expected to at least have a basic knowledge of the Lore, this will effect your characters dealings with others. For everything else that is Forsaken go here http://www.wowwiki.com/Forsaken

5) Inactivity Character Inactivity for more than 1 month without prior arrangement will result in removal from the Guild, we don't carry dead meat (pardon the pun ^^)

6) Application To apply to join all you need to do is write a short in character background/story. Once you have written it you can choose to have an Out of Character section to tell us a little about yourself. When you have finished please confirm that you have read and understood the Guild Policy.
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Guild Policy
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